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Ironman was a success for my father and thanks to your advice and treatment. I went through 14 e-packs during the race! It worked perfectly and didn't bother my stomach like sodium pills.Thanks again.
Shaun Chisholm

I thought I would share with you that I did my first Iron Man Triathlon this summer at Tremblant. I have been using Eload for years and found it very agreeable. As I trained for the IM I found I was having difficulty getting enough calories in and a friend suggested Fly instead. So I settled on 6 bottles of Eload with Fly on race day, plus a small bottle of the same on my run belt, and a few Ediscs ( humidex was 38). I had a great race with no GI issues and no bonking. Did 12.00.09. Great product!

Erica (Cooper) Mantay 8T9

e load is the best electrolyte replacement drink that I’ve ever used and I’ve tried many. The flavours are light and mild, yet tasty. Even after several hours into a run or race I find that e load is still satisfying. I like the fact that e load, Zone Caps and EMEND are simple in the ingredients used and easy to digest. I like the security of knowing that if I start to run low on electrolytes I can count on some Zone Caps. As I mentioned, I think the eload and EMEND are fantastic and the e load energy gels are the best I’ve ever come across.

Logan Beaulieu Ultra - Marathon Runner - Alberta

The bloating and cramping and stomach issues on my long runs had been getting me down. I had heard a lot about your products so I recently called eload and received the best advise for my race/training fuelling that made a HUGE difference. I had been suffering from stomach bloating and cramps in all my long runs. For one month I did a trial......I ditched all of my other endurance fuels and just stuck with eload energy gels and eload zone caps X 5 buffered electrolyte caps. Wella! The stomach gas, bloating and cramping disappeared. I believe I must be sensitive to the Fructose and acidity and preservatives in the other brands I was using. Thank you so Much! My tummy is forever greatfull and I love the fact you don't use fake flavours or sweeteners in any of your products.

Candice P Alberta.

The product was fabulous. I took the recommended dose of Zone Caps X5 supplements during, and after, my 150km ride (from Toronto to Craigleith; fundraiser ride Cycle for Sight, Saturday June 21) and the results were startling. At the completion of the ride I did notexperience my ‘usual’ fatigue and excessive accumulation of lactic acid, my appetite was normal, and I did not feel particularly tired the next day. Your product was working well for me; I will definitely use it in the future. Thank you,

Peter R (roadie)

eload brand was the first gels and tabs (EDISCS) that did not give me GI problems when I was pushing myself on long runs!

Steve Layton

eload electrolyte drink is the best there is. I have run everyday for a year and accumulated 3200k and eload was a big part of the reason.

Brian Breit

eload keeps me going for the long haul. Your eload Zone Caps X5 electrolyte capsules helped me survive and complete the 2013 Tour Divide, a totally self-supported mountain bike race from Banff Alberta to the USA/Mexico border, 4,600 kms with 60,900 metres of climbing. Your Zone Caps kept me hydrated while riding over 160 kms per day for 28 days and through some very desert like sections.

Greg Andre-Barrett

You keep me and my clients optimally fueled, with no GI issues, with awesome electrolyte replenishment and flavor all while being a product NOT full of crap ingredients, sweeteners or BS sales pitches! The real thing. Good hydration and taste backed by good science. That's why I love Emend Eload!!!

Anne Guzman

I love that it doesn't taste so strong like other products! It doesn't make me sick to my stomach and it's definitely my favourite post-race beverage, so refreshing!

Steph Coelho

I love that the flavour isn't overpowering, and therefore I can stomach it for longer training days.

Kathie Howes

I was in Vegas two weeks ago and was able to get out to the Grand Canyon to complete a long anticipated run on my running wish list. I thought of you often on this 37 km round trip down the South Kaibab trail, over the Colorado to Phantom Ranch and back up the Bright Angel trail. It was absolutely spectacular. It took me longer than I thought, the uphill was soooo hard (a vertical mile down, another mile up). I had some great experiences on the trail, from surreal aloneness to folks cheering me as I ran. There were 3 mule trains, lots of backpackers and campers, everyone saying hello and talking about the trail. Twice I ran off of the switchbacks, just lost my focus; no worries, I had a couple of feet to spare before the edge! All of which is to say, I couldn’t have done it without e load, your gels and electrolytes where a big part of my nutrition and being able to complete this run! A couple of pictures are attached.

Tom Mungham

You guys are brilliant!! WAY ahead of the curve. I used eload in 3 Olympics and contacted Dr. Stoddard (Medical Director - eload sport nutrition), 2 days before Beijing to finalize my nutrition plan.

Simon Whitfield.


4 time Olympian. 2012

Olympic Flagbearer. 2008

Olympic Silver medallist, 2000

Olympic Gold Medallist,

2002 Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist.

Thank you for the clarification regarding cane juice. Once again your timely response and professionalism regarding your products and the science behind them are things that I sincerely appreciate and respect. I will continue to use and promote your products to all my friends and team mates.

One thing I’d like to mention: I’m a Battalion Chief with a fire department in Northern California. As I’m sure you have seen on the news, California has a severe Wildlife program each and every year. The conditions in which my firefighters work, is extreme, both in temperature and topography. While fighting these wildland fires you can imagine the amount of physical exertion (and sweat) that occurs for each firefighter, especially wearing our protective clothing. As you know better than I, electrolyte balance is just as important doing our job as it is in competing in endurance events. For this very reason, I have purchased a large supply of the individual eload packets, which are carried on all our fire engines. Our firefighters also carry them in their packs while working on the fire-line. Just a short testament on how much I believe in your products and their benefits! Sincerely,

Sean Perkins Battalion Chief Moraga – Orinda Fire District

I have been using e load since February 2000. I have used it while training in Turks and Caicos, during the Burlington "Around the Bay" 30K race, the Ottawa Marathon and the Lake Placid Ironman. I also used e load in all of my training sessions including my sessions in the pool. I have had great problems with dehydration in the past during hot weather and I found that e load helped me overcome this problem. I also have had problems with hypoglycemia and e load keeps me from bonking. I have not bonked since starting e load. I also find I do not get any intestinal or stomach problems when using e load. It is excellent. I plan on continuing to use e load and have recommended it to other people I have met on the way. Thank you for helping me to achieve my goal of Ironman with your great product. p.s I am also putting a package in my firefighting gear so that at a long hot fire, I will be at my best!!

Mary Carpenter

"Dr. Stoddard at Toronto SEMI is a critical resource for me as I learn more and more about the marathon. His product e load is the starting fuel for ALL my long runs and races. It is a good feeling to execute a decent marathon without medical tents or walking - both of which I experienced during earlier attempts at the distance". Taken From An Interview with Tania Jones on Runners Web.com Marathon P.B 2:40.08

I am writing to let you know how helpful e load has been in eliminating my cramping problems. I am a Triathlete and have always suffered from excessive salty sweating and severe cramping when I train and compete. In fact, I am so reknowned for these two things that my training buddies have given me the nick name "Salty Bonk Man". I decided to give e load a try because of its claimed benefits for cramping athletes. I take the e load BASE formula as well as the e load ZONE CAPS and find that this combination does the trick! I would happily recommend e load to other athletes who face these challenges. Now I just need a new nick name! Sincerely,

Ka-Yu Law

:) LOVE eload... it's the only sports drink I've tried that can thwart an exercise-induced migraine before it happens, stops heat-induced allergy and headache symptoms COLD - and never makes me feel sick. I recommend it to everyone!

Sue Sitki

I wanted to let you know that I had many stomach issues over the season trying to get the food right. I went all liquid. I tried your Fly and eload on my coach's recommendation. It was a very hot day at Ironman Wisconsin and it worked. Great Products!